Judge Discriminates against Motorcyclists!

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I as many bikers recently read about the biker caught speeding at 122mph. This he did whilst carrying his son as a pillion passenger. He was banned from riding/driving for 18 month driving ban and a 6 month jail term. 

Am I the only sane person in thinking “What the F*** is going on!” That the sentence received by the 122mph biker is totally out of proportion to the crime committed? Is this not just a case of bikers being discriminated against?!

I do not condone the bikers actions in anyway. I personally believe that he was totally irresponsible to put his, his sons and other road users lives at risk in this way.

I believe that we as motorcyclists should be treated in the same manner as all other road users. After all it is the same law that we abide by in order to travel on our countries roads. We demand the right to the same rules, laws and sentences no matter what sort of vehicle you use to travel on the road. And that we as motorcyclists are not specifically targeted by judges or police.

However… Car Driver Gregory Bool was caught speeding at 140 mph on the M25 on the 31st Jan 2008 and was only banned for 90 days and fined £500 (see story here). How does this compare to the 122 mph motorcyclist. 

You could argue that it is far more dangerous as a Biker, to do these sorts of speeds and with your son as a passenger. But surely it is more dangerous to be a drink driver, especially of a HGV. However… In February 2009 Paul Ward when caught 3 times the legal dink drive limit when in charge of a fully laden HGV. This road user only recieved 80 hours community service and a 2 year driving ban (see story here).

Should we as fellow bikers not be asking why was 122mph biker not treated the same as these other cases, is it not the same law? In future will we as bikers (not fellow road users) be victimised and discriminated against like this.

I hope MCN will be asking these questions of the judge and the police involved in the case.

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