Piaggio top cases for scooters

Published: 30 March 2009

Piaggio is launching a range of tailor made top cases for their bikes. The top cases are made from injection moulded plastic and have lockable lids. They range in size from 28-litres for smaller scooters, up to 46-litre case, complete with a passenger back-rest, designed for the 400cc Xevo super scooter. 

Fitted using the tailor made kits, prices for Piaggio top cases start at £49.99 for the 28-litre option, (plus fitting kit £37.38) up to £259 (including rack and backrest pad) for the Xevo’s 46-litre version. All prices include VAT.

Available from Piaggio dealers nationwide or call 0117 972 5552 for more information.