Five modifications to make your KTM Dakar ready

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Lots of people dream about taking part in the Dakar Rally. The gruelling two week event tests riders and machines to the limit, but before you take part you have to know your bike will survive.

The KTM rally team talked MCN through five the modifications they made to Adam Coma's bike before Dakar. Adam Coma won the rally this year, on this bike, so it's a good example of what works.

The engine capacity is increased to 700cc and includes a special con-rod and a revised gear box. The bike's power is increased to 75bhp.

The bikes are fitted with 52mm aluminium front forks from WP.

Rear shock
The rear shock on the bike is swapped out for a different one. KTM wouldn't reveal the exact details on the shock but they said it had a faster rebound and higher tolerances.

Handlebar mounts
The extra large rubber mounts on the bike are fairly standard, but essential kit.

The rubber mounts reduce vibrations and help the riders keep racing for hours without their hands going numb.

The frame on Mark's bike is shorter than the standard bike. Mark has an aggressive riding style and likes to be able to turn as fast as possible.

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Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney