Interview: Jodie Marsh talks bikes

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TV celebrity Jodie Marsh speaks out in an exclusive interview about bikes, knee-down with Ron Haslam and the Harley way of life.

Jodie took part in an MCN cruiser road test this week when the Yamaha XVS950 went up against the Harley-Davidson Iron to see if a Japanese cruiser can compete with pure American muscle.  

Does the Yamaha XVS950 have what it takes to convert self-confessed Harley fan Jodie Marsh? Find out in this week's paper, on sale April 1.

So when did you get into bikes?
“I’ve always loved bikes, and wanted to do my test for years. As soon as I passed my test I went out and bought a new R6.

Why an R6?
“I could just about touch the floor, I wanted the full race leathers and wanted to get my knee down and all that. I love speed. I went on the back of Ron Haslam around Donington Park, he was knee-down, sliding the bike around and pulling wheelies, my god it was better than sex!”

So when did you convert to the dark side?
“Ha ha it’s your fault. I rode a standard 883 for MCN years ago and really liked it. I’ve always loved the Harley brand and rock ‘n’ roll life style, but always thought they were a bit too big. Then I went to the MCN show in London and tried a 1200 Nightster, it fitted so I bought one four days later.”

And you clearly love it?
“It’s amazing, I love riding bikes. We go out a big group of us, down to the West End for a meal in summer or up to Brenan Bends mixing it with the sports bike boys in the power ranger suits. I’ll be at Brands in a few weeks and we are planning a trip to Italy in the summer.”

So you're going to stay with Harley, no more sports bikes?
“I’d like to do a track day, I could use a XR1200, but I’m sticking with Harley. It’s the whole rock n roll life style. I love the kit, they really cater for female riders unlike others, and I feel sexy on my Harley. I can ride down to the pub for lunch in jacket and jeans, look cool in an open face lid and shades and don’t look stupid in a ‘power ranger’ suit. Then there is the whole Harley life style: I can meet up with other Harley riders at clubs and just go for a ride. I always see other bikers riding alone, but you never ride alone on a Harley, there is always something happening, some club meeting or ride out, and I love it.”

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