The New Motorcycle Test and DSA sites

The new test is due to be introduced by the DSA on the 27th April 2009. No problem. If they were prepared.

The first noises the DSA made about introducing the test were in 2001 about implementation in 2005. Then in 2005 they postponed it for three years then again, as we know, for six months. In 2001 at the consultation meeting the DSA were fairly adamant that they would have all sites operational well within the time limit and also that ‘ALL SITES WOULD HAVE A SAFE AND CONSISTENT SURFACE’ As those of us in the industry know, the DSA are still not in a position to offer a MPTC for everyone within the 30 minute commute which they originally promised.

For example, East Anglia will have centres in Norwich, Ipswich and Chelmsford. If I lived in Braintree then my local training centre will take me to Ipswich. That is certainly more than 30 minutes. The cost impication both for the public and for the training schools will be huge. Additional wear and tear on bikes, petrol tyres, it all adds up and then is passed on directly to the consumer who have already been ripped off by the DSA with price increases for additional sites which still havent materialised. Test fees will have gone up a third in 12 months.

Going back to road surface. Remember how confident the DSA were about the sites being marvellous etc etc. How about doing high speed manouevers in a VoSA test site. Where lorries are tested. Lorries? diesel? Are the DSA leaving themselves open to litigation as they promised one thing, had 8 years to deliver, is an optional test (remember the Republic of Ireland is a member state and told the EU to stick the test where the sun doesnt shine!) and putting people and bikes at risk on temporary sites?

There are also several areas which will have no site at all. Aylesbury. Given up on a permanent site search as the temporary sites will do. Ayr VoSA site only. No permanent site identified. Bathgate same as Aylesbury Bournemouth. No permanent site Croydon. No permanent site Dumfries. Nothing temporary or permanent. Dundee No site. Eastbourne. No site Haverfordwest. Nothing temporary or permanent Lerwick. No site but temporary use of the farmers market. (!) Oban. Nothing temp or permanent Stoke. Nothing.

So DSA customers have paid £20 extra per test from September last year and still they ae no further. Students will suffer nationally and training schools will also suffer and ultimatley biking as a whole.

We are a good bunch and I know those who can are lobbying as best they can. However in our local area all current test slots have been sold out for a few weeks. Then the EU third directive will come in! The DSA are still not prepared but we’ll pay for it! No wonder they lost their Charter Mark.

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