Long live biking camaraderie

I am 62 years old and back on 2 wheels after an abscence of 38 years.

I have been back in the saddle now for nearly 3 years and loving it. I borrowed my son's 600cc Bandit to get used to the feeling and was amazed at the changes, especially the power.

I now tour with my son on my new Honda ST1300. I feel part of a great community of bikers and eagerly nod at anything on two wheels.

Whilst having my tea one day about a couple of months ago I heard a bang outside and saw a biker in the pouring rain turning back to recover his top box with which he had parted company.

He was having difficulty fixing it back on so I rushed out to him and took a couple of bungees and secured it at least good enough to get him home.

He thanked me and promised to drop the bungees back in the next day given that this was his daily route to work.

I have neither seen nor heard of him since. Still, the bungees were only a pound from the pound shop, or is that not the point.

Oh well, good luck mate (who told me his name was Andy), and safe riding.

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By Preacherman