Suit review: Rukka Armax suit

Published: 01 May 2009

What’s good: The quality feel. The fabric feels tough yet doesn’t restrict your movement, the zips never snag, water never gets in and it still looks good as new (as it should, for the price).

My Hein Gericke Pathan winter gloves fit under the cuffs easily – the outer cuff zips open and there is an inner part which goes into the glove.

The top and bottom zip together for total draught exclusion, generally I don’t bother because there is a decent overlap between the jacket and the high trousers (which come with braces).

On warm days you can open vents and/or take out the lining. The armour is CE-approved

What’s not: The price, obviously. My Honda Dominator only cost me £650, so I could have bought two winter bikes for the price of one winter suit.

The suit can take a few minutes to put on in the morning – but it’s worth taking the time to get yourself zipped in to perfection.

Finally, a lab test by RiDE magazine questioned the strength of the seams – I’ve not crashed in the suit but there’s no sign of the seams failing after 18 months of use.

Rating: ****
Product: Rukka Armax suit, £1400 (£800/£600)
Miles covered: 18 months