Stripper Juice Motorcycle Cleaner and Polish

Published: 14 May 2009

Possibly the greatest name we’ve seen yet for a cleaning product, Stripper Juice, is apparently selling big in the US at the moment.

Founded in 2008 by Eric "Otis" Ward, Stripper Juice Motorcycle Cleaner and Polish is an all in one product.

We’d love to try to sell this fantastic sounding product to you, but we’d never be able to outdo the words of Ward himself.

"Like the quest for the coldest beer and the hottest strippers, the search for the perfect motorcycle cleaner and polish has been a labour of love,” he said. 

“After 12 years of kicking up road dust across every corner of this great country, we have done it!

“We have created the best cleaner and polish on the planet."

Stripper Juice also carries a hot line of gear and is well-known for its presence at rallies and events, as well as for the participation of its Stripper Juice Girls.

And to save the best for last, the slogan for Stripper Juice is: "Gets You Off Clean!" Classic.

For more information about Stripper Juice (and to see loads more pictures of women), visit