New made-to-measure kangaroo suit from BKS

Published: 21 May 2009

This is the new made-to-measure BKS kangaroo suit.

The current made to measure designs have been given a facelift, but the generic panel arrangement behind each model retains the recognisable BKS signature.

Crash-damage analysis continues to influence construction of the new suits: resulting in the addition of extra areas of double leather reinforcement in some places (like the inner forearm) and less in others in order to give the suits a lighter feel (the lower shin inside the boot). 

New, lighter-weight body armour has also been designed following customer feedback.

BKS remain a favourite with everyone from track day enthusiasts to more than 30 of the UK’s 43 county police forces, who still kit their motorcycle patrol riders out in hand made BKS suits.

Prices start at just over £1000 for a one piece and can climb to anything from £1500-£2500 for highly spec’d examples if you want to lavish all the options available on it.

Technical specifications:

The BKS suit shown here is an all-kangaroo outfit and has reinforcement in every imaginable position.

Prices (in cowhide) start at £1399.99 for a one piece version, £1499.99 for a two piece and £1749.99 for this actual suit in Kangaroo. The specification reads like a wish list from a perfect suit, including the following:

• CE Aproved entire suit (materials, seam construction and extreme high performance armour)
• Double and triple stitched internal seams (that’s before the additional top stitching outside) using thread double the thickness of your other top spec brands.
• Double leather of extreme generous proportions as necessary for the top arm/shoulder; entire wraparound lower arm/elbow; bum and outer thighs; knee/shin.
• Zip out mesh linings with optional replacements made from genuine Polartec fleece fabrics for cold weather riding.
• Leather stretch panels in the knee, shoulder and waist that reach around corners better than ever.
• Kevlar/Cordura reinforced elastics through the groin and the inner arm and leg as well as around the back of your neck.
• Optional ventilation holes.
• The heaviest waist connection zip you will ever see with a securing tab at the front.
• Additional torso pads made from materials similar to the body armour, instead of the usual soft foams used across many other suits.
• Adjustable trouser waistband with integrated protection for the small of your back.

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