Module One

As an experienced rider having passed my test back in the eighties, I am currently nursing my seventeen year old son Luke through this ridiculously gruelling new test regime.

Having gone through the CBT (before the new test came in)and having eventually passed the theory side of things, he finds another hurdle in his way, in the name of 'Module One'. Obviously I appreciate the need to only let competent riders onto the roads, but having accompanied Luke on his ride to this stage of the process (on public roads of course) I was amazed at the complexity involved and nothing but angry at the danger he was subjected to.

If the motive is to scare prospective riders away from biking, then it's no doubt a very effective method, I'm still trying to convince him to attempt the test again (as at the moment he has no choice if he wants to ride bigger bikes). Luke snaked badly and almost lost it as he thrashed his poor little 125 in order to attain the 32mph for the swerve exercise, only to be coldly told to do it again by the examiner (even though Luke was clearly shaken).

The run up where this speed is supposedly 'safely' achieved was through a narrow avenue of cones which formed a fairly tight bend, one that I have to say, we would not even attempt at such a speed on the open road (especially as learner 125's tend to have poorer quality tyres fitted). The test area was even under trees and covered in wet leaves, with other assorted painted markings criss-crossing it, as this was also the test centre for cars, lorries, coaches, etc.

In no way should module one be attempted in wet conditions. If rider safety is the primary concern, then why are they being endangered in its achievement? If this aspect of the practical test is here to stay then I hope commonsense prevails. Surely the examiners can see the peril they are subjecting people to and make sensible 'adjustments' to layout and procedure.

Even better, government should intervene as a matter of urgency and scrap the whole thing in favour of a safer, yet no less effective test.

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nigel crofts

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By nigel crofts