Radical CR&S ‘DUU’ unveiled

Published: 03 November 2009

Italian specials firm CR&S will be officially unveiling this radical, V-twin engined, naked bike at the Milan Show next week.

Dubbed the ‘DUU’ (a derivation of the Italian for ‘two’) the bike has not just two cylinders (c/o a Harley-style, American S&S engine), but also displaces two litres and has two seats – hence the name.

CR&S (which stands for Café Racers and Superbikes) are based in Milan and sprang to prominence a couple of years ago with its single-cylinder ‘VUN’ naked bike. The DUU is its first all-new model since.

Although still only at prototype stage, CR&S expects to produce the first DUUs in 2011 with a target price of  € 20,000.00 (£18,000).