Video: Jeanius jeans spoof

Published: 04 November 2009

Jeanius jeans were initially developed as a climbing pant, but now are looking to smash their way into the motorcycling market.

They use a fabric called Epic Fabric which is a silicone coating over the denim to make the garment water resistant

The amount of silicon used is carefully controlled to leave tiny “micro holes” between the encapsulated fibers allowing water vapour to escape, without allowing outside water and wind to penetrate.

As well as making the denim highly water resistant the silicon also makes the demin windproof.

The denim also has an elasticized fabric underneath to make the denim slightly stretchy for comfort.

The design also features a diamond shaped crotch to allow a much higher degree of flexibility and the jeans have pre-curved knees and no armour.

Want to know more about them? Check out the spoof video created by the manufacturer themselves.