Magic FM DJ Neil Fox swaps Hog for electic bike

Published: 13 November 2009

Radio DJ and TV personality Neil Fox is swaping his beloved Harley Davidson for a month to trial Green Rewards’ new 60s inspired electric scooter.

Fox, a non-executive director of Green Rewards, the ethical online shop and rewards scheme and has been challenged by the rest of the board of Directors to do his bit for the environment.

He currently rides his Harley into the Magic 105.4 FM studios every morning to present his Breakfast Show, but for the next month the Harley will be staying in the garage.

The scooter is an Electrip scooter, and is charged up from a kettle lead from a 13amp plug in any house, or at one of the many places you can charge it for free around town.

It costs about 1p a mile to run and is exempt from road tax and congestion charge. Insurance is about £100 a year.

Fox says, “As much as I love my Harley, we all know that burning petrol is is not as good for our planet. I was really drawn to this electric scooter and never dreamt they could look so great.

“This is the perfect vehicle to add to your transport mix to ride around town and know you’re doing your bit to reduce carbon emissions.”

Will he still be as enthusiastic about the scoot at the end of the months trial? Only time will tell...