Dunlop GP Racer to be unveiled at NEC Show

Published: 23 November 2009

Dunlop are launching their new D211 GP Racer sports tyre at the forthcoming NEC Show.

It will, says Dunlop, satisfy the needs of the most hardcore track day enthusiast as well as the pure sports road rider without compromising on any of the performance requirements found in a road going tyre, such as mileage and wet road grip.

Featuring Dunlop¹s 7000 series Multi-Tread compound, the rear tyre has seven zones of compound which is said to "maximise side grip, drive traction and rapid warm-up as well as handling response, tread stability and tyre life."

The front tyre features three compound zones focusing on secure cornering and braking stability.

The latest technology to be used in this new tyre is called NTEC. Developed at Dunlop Motorsport for the parent race tyre, the technology allows the rear tyre to run very low pressures (down to 17psi) on track.

The tyre will also be available as a slick that will offer the same technology and features but with even more dry grip, adding to a track day experience.

Dunlop Motorcycle Manager Lisa Faulkner said: "By introducing the GP Racer
D211 to the fast road as well as track day market we are opening riders up to a whole new on road experience.

"The tyre will enable smooth, responsive transitions between maximum lean angles as well as remaining stable with more grip than you will ever need.

"We set out to create an unbeatable race tyre which exceeded expectations.
From this we have enabled ourselves to offer this outstanding tyre for use on the road.

"The tyre will be officially launched into the UK market in January 2010 but to give riders a little teaser of what they can expect, we decided to unveil the tyre at the prestigious NEC Motorcycle Show."

The tyres will be available in the following sizes from January 2010:

FRONT (Soft, Medium and Endurance compounds):
120/70 x 17, 120/70 x 17 (slick)

REAR (Soft, Medium and Endurance compounds):
180/70 x 17, 190/70 x 17, 200/70 x 17, 180/55 x 17 (slick), 190/55 x 17 (slick), 200/55 x 17 (slick)