NEC Show: Free legal advice for MCN readers

Published: 25 November 2009 will be offering MCN readers free legal advice from their stand at the NEC Motorcycle Show. are also launching the SMIDSY card at the NEC. The SMIDSY card will give legal protection to all who carry it for all types of Non-Fault Accidents including those where diesel and potholes are the cause. Also every card holder will receive free legal advice following any motoring offence.  

They said: "Time and time again over the last few years, keep hearing tales of bikers not getting the help they deserve and their compensation claims being sold or passed onto solicitors who have little or no knowledge of what it’s like to ride a bike.

"With the NEW SMIDSY card will give everyone the best opportunity to get the advise and help they deserve."

Be one of the first people to get your FREE SMIDSY Card at the NEC.