New waterless wash and wax

Published: 25 November 2009

Astra Automotive has created a new environmentally-friendly waterless wash product called EcoGleam, which innovatively will also provide a clear protective wax coating on surfaces to ensure long lasting protection.

Suitable for cars, motorcycles, caravans or boats, EcoGleam is easy to apply and has been designed to lubricate, emulsify and remove all types of dirt, including road dust, grease, diesel, insects and brake dust without damaging the surface.

It does not contain silicone, Teflon or PTFE or CFC so can be safely applied to all types of surfaces - bodywork, alloys, plastic, chrome and glass.  

This is especially beneficial to motorcycle owners who like to avoid getting their bikes wet, yet still want a spotless and shiny machine.

Also, because it cleans and polishes without water, EcoGleam will not pollute the environment with harmful soaps and suds, and saves on gallons of water being used at every wash. 

EcoGleam will be available direct from Astra Automotive or from selected specialist automotive stockists from November 2009. 

The suggested retail price for the box set is £10.93, which includes a 500ml trigger top bottle of EcoGleam, one pair of latex gloves and two micro fibre clothes.  

Replacement 500ml bottles are available at a retail price of £6.76.

Astra Automotive is ‘The Professional’s Brand’ and has been supplying value for money, quality products to the professional automotive market for more than 30 years.

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