World's first stereo swingarm!

Custom motorcycle parts don’t get much more ludicrous than the subwoofer-equipped swingarm on this Suzuki TL1000S!

Created by ABW Designs in Virginia, the tubular steel swingarm is not only set up to accept a 300-section back tyre (standard is 190-section) but also house a subwoofer box! A pair of speakers in the fairing openings provide the sound to go with the bass from the subwoofer, and the whole lot is powered by an extra battery.

The rest of the bike isn’t stock either – the swingarm also lowers (and lengthens!) the bike, the fairing is a carbon fibre item intended for a GSX-R1000 K5 and the seat is originally from a TL1000R. Custom airbrushed candy paint finishes the outlandish machine.

There’s a video to prove that it works too:

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Chris Newbigging

By Chris Newbigging