Shark officially launches 2010 line

Published: 15 October 2009

Shark UK recently unveiled its 2010 helmet range at its Dorset headquarters to an audience of media and loyal Shark racers including Ryan Farquhar, Ian Lowry, James Westmoreland, Sylvain Guintoli and Scott Redding.

Shark displayed a host of new colours and graphics, with one new addition to the range and a world first in helmet design - glow-in-the-dark.

Shark's RSI Shinto Lumi, S 900 Fost, and Evoline E-tec Lumi helmets are coated with paint that absorbs daylight and glows at night.

The photo-luminescent paint recharges after 30 minutes in daylight and will glow for 20 hours before it needs to be recharged.

The new RSI Carbon brings the popular carbon design to the RSI collection.

With a slightly different technical specification to the RSR2 Carbon, the RSI has a strip of carbon along the top of the helmet, a spoiler added to the back, and carbon showing along the bottom edge.

The RSI Carbon comes in four colours: White, Black, Red and striking Orange.

A new design, the Shinto, has also been added to the collection one option with chameleon-style paint, which changes colour in different light.

Black and White dual matt helmets have been added to the popular ultra-light RSR2 Carbon range, with Black, Red and White still available in last year's style.

The RSR2 Carbon has been improved by making some cutaways around the ear area, further improving the fit for riders.

The urban helmets haven't been left out either. The RSJ welcomes the Jack with a Union Flag design over the helmet - also seen on last year's S 800 Hurricane - while the Evoline welcomes a new Wayer design.

Some improvements to the visor mechanisms and sun visors have also been made.