Ex-cop searches for long-lost patrol bike

Published: 23 October 2009

Retired policeman Stephen Woolley has asked for help in the search for his old BMW R80 RT.

The ex-police constable rode the bike for eight years between 1986 and 1994 and claims to have cleaned it every day.

He left it in good condition except for where his knees rubbed the paintwork in ‘the grip of death’ and the damage caused when a banned driver he was pursuing tried to shunt him off his bike.

The relationship ended when Woolley was transferred, the motorcycle was then auctioned in the west midlands in 1996.

Now Woolley’s 13 year search for his old ride has led him to Aylesbury, where he suspects it to be in someone’s shed as it hasn’t been taxed for a number of years. The bike has probably been re-sprayed red and its registration number ends with ‘2MOK’.

The picture shown is of the motorcycle Woolley rode up to 1986, which he wrote off on the Birmingham Super Prix track – his lost R80 was very similar.

Speaking to the Bucks Herald, Woolley stated that his search is “sentimental really.”

He added: “there will be a bottle of amber nectar for any information leading to the recovery of my motorbike.”

“We have been through one or two scrapes together, both of us have been bashed a bit here and there and I thought it would be nice if I could get it back. I would offer to buy it if it came at a reasonable price."

If you think you can help this copper out then contact Luke FitzGerald on 01768 468750