Knox link up with Draggin Jeans with new knee guards

Draggin Jeans are stepping up their impact protection with their new comfort fit Draggin Jeans Knee Guard.

The Draggin Jeans Knee Guard delivers greater freedom of choice and comfort for all riders and may be worn comfortably under any pair of Draggin Jeans. 

Unlike most motocross/off-road guards, the Draggin Jeans Knee Guard is CE approved for road use, is soft and malleable. 

Utilising advanced Knox technology, Draggin Jeans Knee Guards avoid the need for a hard outer shell that can shatter on impact.

Draggin Jeans has always promoted the use of impact protection through the insertion of existing armour pieces, however always strives to deliver riders greater comfort and flexibility.

The new Knee Guard features an easy step through “sleave” design and is constructed with a non-allergenic stretch sports liner that is soft and breathable. 

Held with comfortable elastic and with a sturdy velcro strap, the Knee Guard attaches directly to the leg and therefore remains in the correct position at all times.

Draggin Jeans’s General Manager, Fiona Mackintosh, is excited about offering riders even greater safety and protection.

“Draggin Jeans has always been in the business of safeguarding motorcyclists. 

“The new Draggin Jeans Knee Guard is a perfect addition to our product range and offers riders greater freedom of choicewhen it comes to comfortable, safe riding.

“We explored many options for inserting armour into our products. 

“It is difficult with pants, as every rider, and riding position, is different. 

“In fixing the armour directly to the pants, with a pocket or any other means, there is no way to ensure that it always sits correctly.

“With the Draggin Jeans Knee Guard, the CE approved armour is held directly to the knee and is therefore always in the right position, whomever the rider and whatever the riding position.”

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull