A great turn out in North Wales

What a fantastic, trouble free, friendly, and LARGE turn out for the Reclaim North Wales rideout.

Six of us parked up just down the road from Ponderosa because the traffic up there was heaving.

As we chilled we noticed this red Ford Escort estate had broken down by us, smoke and the nice smell of burning clutch coming from the vehicle.

Me and a couple of other bikers helped the elderly male driver with his 2 elderly female passengers push it to the road side (you feds didn’t see that), the driver said that he’d come down from Liverpool for a bite to eat but couldn’t even get into the place and jokingly said you lot would have to pick this weekend.

I do hope he got back ok, situations like that make you wish you were a magician and could magically get him going again.

We turned round and went to the first pub we came to (cokes & teas) then rode to Betws-y-Coed, not even getting as far as the Swallows falls Hotel because of the overwelming response!#

Despite not meeting our final two destinations it was still a proud and enjoyable day. Lets have more like it.

Reclaim Wales

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