Slammed and supercharged Harley

Published: 05 September 2009

ProCharger’s blown 122bhp Night Train has the go to match the show. Speed and low-rider style don’t usually go together, but ProCharger went and gave its slick custom 122bhp anyway. The ‘Dream Smasher’ is based around the chassis and engine of a 2007 Harley-Davidson Night Train.

The 1573cc motor is standard internally – Harley’s heavyweight internals were deemed tough enough to cope. The ProCharger supercharger kit comes with an intercooler to cool the incoming air charge after it’s been pressurised by the supercharger and before it is fed in to the carburettor. The punchier motor now breaths through a Covington Customs exhaust system. The result is 122bhp, up 55bhp on the stock 67bhp!

Custom work was completed by Californian specialists All Industries Performance Racing – the frame has been smoothed and repainted, a classic-style ‘Springer’ front end has been fitted in place of telescopic forks and the swingarm has been modified to accept a 200-section rear tyre. The brakes system is a combination of All Industries, Performance Machine and standard Harley-Davidson.

The tank is standard, and Roland Sands Design supplied the engine covers and rear fenders. RSD also supplied the chain final drive conversion with a brake caliper grabbing the sprocket instead of a separate disc. Rene’s Custom Paint applied the metal-green paint job, and the chassis and engine has been painted black for a meaner look.