Blackswan to build 1000bhp electric drag bike

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Team Blackswan are based in Bristol and are developing several electric motorcycle projects including the building of a 1000bhp lithium electric drag bike.

This is being used as a rolling test-bed to develop the powerplant for the boat and car & to take on the Americans Kilacycle which in Scotty Pollacheck’s hands has run a 7.89s @ 168mph standing quarter-mile.

Blackswan are aiming to run in the sixes!
Team Blackswan’s manager Andrew Taylor said: “Our drag-bike is aptly named the TeraCycle & can be seen running Shakespeare county & the Pod.”

Aprat from the drag bike, Blackswan are also developing a cruiser road bike and a road racing machine.

Taylor added: “One of the long term goals of the project is to design an electric motorcycle ‘fit for purpose’ and suitable for mass production by a British company like Triumph.

The Ve King will use a unique V-configuration electric motor for that classic look and feel. “We are also building an electric race bike to enter into the Isle of Man TT. Like a number of others teams we were unable to get hold of a qualified rider at such short notice.

“We have some pretty smart cookies onboard already, but we are looking to recruit more team members with experience in designing, building & racing motorcycles.”


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Gary Pinchin

By Gary Pinchin