Oxford Products secure EDZ distribution

Published: 11 September 2009

Oxford Products has been appointed exclusive worldwide distributor with immediate effect for the market-leading range of EDZ base layers and thermal clothing.

Established in 1995 by James Tilleard as a manufacturer of performance clothing in the outdoor world, EDZ has been instrumental in educating motorcyclists on the benefits of wearing layers.

“Boxer shorts and a cotton T shirt were the order of the day,” said Tilleard. “Discomfort was regarded as part of the deal with biking”.

The product which got EDZ sales flying 10 years ago and for which they remain most famous is their one piece all-season undersuit.

“This is the product which got the message out there that base layers could be used all year round: cooling in the summer, thermal in the winter and perfect for making outerwear easy to pull on and off”, added Tilleard.

Oxford MD Andrew Hammond said: “the fit between Oxford and EDZ is perfect and we are confident that we can help to grow the brand by broadening distribution, both in the UK and in over sixty countries around the world, where we already operate”.

EDZ’s products now vary widely in form and function to include inner, outer and mid layers and accessories from neck tubes to helmet liners and inner gloves to merino beanies.