New Lightech adjustable number plate holder for GSX-R1000K9

Published: 16 September 2009

Lightech has added a new adjustable number plate holder for the Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9 to it’s already tasty range of quality add-on products.

The Treviso-based firm produces components for the Alstare Suzuki Team, which has been a protagonist in SBK and STK 1000 for several years now with many world titles won, and the Celani Team, winner of a STK 1000 world title.

Manufactured entirely in aluminium, the Lightech number plate holder can be easily fitted using the holes and slots, which are already present on production motorbikes with no modifications required.

The two screws placed at one end of the bearing allow for easy adjustment of the number plate, thereby guaranteeing excellent visibility.

This accessory comes also with holes for the optional number plate light and retails at around £55.