Givi to launch new Airflow screen at EICMA

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Givi is getting set to launch their brand new Airflow adjustable screen system for scooters in November at the EICMA Show in Milan.

The screen is universal – not because it fits any scooter model but for its ability to adjust in a few seconds to the rider’s height and to the weather conditions.

It is unique because the spoiler fitted to the basic screen is height-adjustable.

Behind a concept simple to describe there is a complex project, implemented after many months of road tests and continuous adjustments to the shapes and to the movement and blocking systems rightly patented by Givi.

The Airflow spoiler offers improved visibility in case of rain and allows for the reduction of wind disturbance and increases aerodynamic protection.

This element has no pre-defined position: it continuously slides on two rails (upwards or downwards, over a 12cm range) and can be blocked in any point of its stroke by means of two sturdy clamps.

The spoiler can be completely folded and removed. 

The Airflow shown in the picture is mounted on Honda SW-T400 but it will be soon available for Suzuki Burgman 400, Honda Forza 250, Honda Silver Wing and later on for all widespread maxi scooters.

Contact Givi UK Ltd on 01327-706220 for prices and details.

Rob Hull

By Rob Hull