Cycling group: ‘If it doesn’t have pedals, it’s not a bike’

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Anything without pedals isn’t a bike according to a cycling group.

In a self-satisfied preview of an electric bicycle, the London Cycling Campaign declares: ‘The YikeBike has no pedals (so it certainly isn’t a bike).’

Communications officer Mike Cavenett goes on: ‘Like all electric bikes, it's a backward step from human-powered versions.’ 

The group has also made a fresh appeal to London Mayor Boris Johnson to pull the plug on an 18-month trail of motorcycles in bus lanes, claiming it’s dangerous for cyclists.    

It comes even though London’s transport authority says it is unaware of a single collision between a motorcyclist and cyclist in the trial, which started in January
LCC’s website urges its members to complete a Transport for London survey to ‘make cyclists’ views heard’ on the trial.

Make motorcyclists views heard too. Fill in the survey here:


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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell