Streamliner tops 367mph to set new land speed record

An alcohol powered streamliner has smashed the land speed record reaching a blistering average speed of 367mph over a recorded mile.

The American Bub Racing Streamliner Seven ridden by Chris Carr actually hit top speeds of 380mph during its record breaking run on the course at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, US.

This is the second time that Carr, a seven times US national flat track champion has broken the land speed record since joining the team in 2006.

The Bub Seven Streamliner he piloted this time is powered by a purpose built turbocharged “big bang” three litre V4 motor which produces 525bhp and 425ftlb of torque.

It was designed by the Bub team specifically for land speed racing. It fits in to a 18in by 28in compact space and is powered by methanol. Watch the video below to learn more.

This is the second time Bub has claimed the record in three years and means that company boss Eric Manning’s father Denis, the founder of Bub racing and the god-father of the Streamliner Seven crew, has now held the record three times to date.

The team is now looking at how to make the streamliner go even faster...

Video of the engine

Video of the 350mph run

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Laura Kennerley

By Laura Kennerley