Video: Rossi’s dad crashes the bike he designed!

Published: 25 September 2009

MCN reporter Chris Newbigging is currently in northern Italy at the launch of the Ouroboros dirt track bike – a machine co-designed by Valentino Rossi’s dad Graziano.   

Newbigging has just phoned MCN HQ, saying: “I got the interview with Graziano and he agreed to let us put an onboard camera on the bike when he went out next. He was riding brilliantly for a few laps then crashed it big time. The onboard camera was stuck to the tail unit which broke off in the crash and landed perfectly so we got footage of Graziano dusting himself down too.”

Graziano was uninjured, carried on riding and crashed again minutes later, Rossi Snr again uninjured…     

A full interview with Graziano and a test of the bike will be in MCN soon. Meanwhile, here’s the onboard crash footage: