Acumen charger back in black

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British electronics specialist Acumen has released a new ‘Black’ version of the popular Titanium V&A Smart Charger.

It features a tough, splash-proof aluminium case (certified sealed to IP54) and is designed for use with all types of lead-acid batteries – including Maintenance Free  and GEL varieties.

The Titanium Black can test, charges, maintain and even recover badly discharged/sulphated batteries.

Acumen claim in delivers the most sophisticated floating charge on the market, using “advanced microprocessor controlled charging and maintenance  software, to deliver the optimum amount of charge for the battery’s condition”.

The Titanium Black is also designed to offer the user effective and easy to follow diagnostics.

A backlit LCD voltmeter and ammeter indicates whether  the battery is holding the correct charge or is requiring a disproportionate amount of power to stay charged. In addition, protection against reverse polarity, over voltage and over-heating is built-in.

Alongside the LCD display are six coloured LEDs, indicating power, polarity,  battery condition, and recovery mode, so the user can ascertain battery condition and the Titanium Black’s operating mode easily and quickly.

Finally, it comes with a three-metre extension chord, a waterproof lead for  permanent connection to your machine’s battery, a crocodile lead for  temporary connection, and is supplied in a steel presentation case. It costs £60.

More info: call 01264-35992  or visit

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott