Motorcycle bays become cycle ‘docking stations’

Published: 06 August 2010

Parking spaces for scores of motorcycles have been replaced by ‘docking stations’ for push bikes in the London Mayor’s flagship cycle hire scheme.

Eight motorcycle bays, each thought to have accommodated up to 20 motorcycles or scooters, have been replaced by cycle docking stations in Boris Johnson’s scheme, which received £25 million sponsorship from Barclays.

In Westminster, where extra motorcycle parking was promised in return for a new £1 daily charge, dozens of motorcycle spaces have been replaced. 

A bay for at least 20 motorcycles has been scrapped to make way for one docking station on Little Argyll Street, near Oxford Circus.

Another 20 motorcycle spaces have gone near Charing Cross police station. Warren Djanogly, chairman of No to the Bike Parking Tax, said: “The motorcycle bay there has been halved to accommodate the cycle hire scheme. I’d say about 20 spaces have been lost.”

A Transport for London spokesman said: “Cycle hire docking stations have replaced motorcycle parking at a very small number of sites, but in each case these parking spaces have been relocated nearby by the relevant borough. In some cases, additional motorcycle parking spaces are being provided at the new sites.”

Stock broker Richard Jones, 37, who used to park his Honda Transalp in the Argyll Street bay, said: “It now takes me 15 minutes longer to find a space every morning. Where are these new motorcycle bays?”