MCN 1000: Help save motorcycling and claim a Xena disc lock!

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Today we launch the MCN 1000 campaign, asking you to become a biking ambassador and help us to introduce new riders to biking and safeguard motorcycling's future. And we're offering a top quality Xena disc lock worth £24 to the first 250 readers who recruit a new rider - absolutely free.    

Petty-minded anti-risk campaigners and the disastrous new motorcycle test have seen new rider numbers dwindle to shocking levels. The problem is so great that there is now a generation who are missing out on the joy we all take for granted.

Our initial target is to get 1000 new riders on the road. When – with your help – we achieve this, we’ll move on to bigger and better things.

How to get your free lock
A disc lock is the most convenient way to secure your bike, but it has to be a good one. The Xena X2 is just that. It’s approved by Sold Secure, the independent agency that tests locks to destruction, has a pick-resistant lock barrel, ice-spray-resistant construction and a 14mm hardened steel pin which double locks to resist crowbar attack. It’s worth £24.

The first 250 people who get a mate into biking will get an X2, the remaining 750 will get a prize to be announced in the coming weeks.

Here’s how to get your prize:

1. Convince a friend or relative to try motorcycling. Persuade them to complete the first step towards motorcycle bliss: Compulsory Basic Training.
2. Upload a photograph of them holding their CBT certificate by clicking here. Make sure the date on the certificate is visible and is no earlier than August 11, 2010. When you upload the photo, write the full name of the new rider pictured in the 'descrition' box of the upload form. Remember it must be someone you encouraged to take up biking - you can't win a disc lock if it's yourself.  
You'll need to be registered with our site (it's free). Make sure your name, address and day time phone number are up-to-date by clicking the blue 'edit account' button on your profile - otherwise a disc lock could go to the wrong place.
3. Check the post. We'll send the first 250 successful ambassadors a Sold Secure-approved disc lock from leading manufacturer Xena.



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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell