New Cordona quickshifter

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This new plug-and-play PQ8 Quickshifter system will allow clutchless upshifts without the need to back off the throttle – perfect for making up vital seconds on the track.

It comes complete with a ‘strain gauge’ shifter and is compatible with any aftermarket fuelling management system such as Power Commanders.

The system also includes includes a wiring loom and PQ8 CPU. It is said to calculate a perfect kill time for each clutchless upshift according to engine conditions, acceleration, load and rpm. It’s adjustable between 40-80 milliseconds.

There’s shift light circuitry built in, with ‘shift soon’ functions (an LED will come on for 1000rpm before upshift rpm). The ‘auto-shift’ function can be selected to activate the shifter automatically at an adjustable rpm. You just need to keep the shifter pedal pre-loaded between upshifts.

The full system costs £259.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott