Pothole season to be the “worst ever”

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A leading road maintenance website has warned that this winter could be the “worst ever” for potholes, following the early cold snap.

Potholes.co.uk has seen a “100% increase” in the amount of visitors to their website in the past week, double the amount as this time last year after the covering of snow all around the country.

Last year, it estimated that British motorists paid out £320m in repairs to everything from wheels and tyres to suspension failure. Duncan McClure Fisher, spokesman for the site, warned that, “That figure could pale into insignificance”.

The government’s cuts will also have an impact on the issue. Fisher said, “Local councils and Central Government have a duty to maintain the roads of Britain.

"With the extended period of cold weather and councils trimming budgets across the country, it’s hard to see how they will be able to tackle what points towards being the worst ever pothole season.”

Potholes.co.uk is available for anyone to report road defects, details of which are then passed on to local councils.

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Alannah Fellows

By Alannah Fellows