Harry Potter boosts Royal Enfield sales

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Smash hit movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has given Royal Enfield and Watsonian Squire sidecars a timely sales boost.

In the film, Royal Enfield 500 fitted with a Watsonian sidecar is featured with Hagrid riding the bike and Harry Potter sitting in the sidecar whilst they drive through London at night, dodging traffic. In true Harry Potter magic form, the bike flies, too.

Film producers Warner Brothers brought several bikes with the model finally selected being a blue Manx sidecar. Royal Enfield are currently attempting to retrieve one of the ‘combos’ to put on display.

The firm has also seen a boost in sales as a result of all the publicity.

Enfield/Watsonian spokesman Dan Sager told MCN: “Yes, we have most defiantly seen an increase. On the final day of Carole Nash Motorcycle Live a guy came onto our stand and brought a bike and sidecar there and then as it looked just like one used in the film.”

He continued: “There have also been a huge number of hits on our website, as well as on sites like Facebook, as people are realising that you can actually buy them.”

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Alannah Fellows

By Alannah Fellows