Top video picks of the week! – Dec 17

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Britain’s enduring The Big Freeze Mk.2 at the moment and short of riding like a 50p piece, there’s not much biking to be had on the icy roads. 

Put the kettle on, enjoy these videos and make plans for the warmer months.

The flying bike of Jerez
Literally the last thing this poor mechanic saw coming.

Triple person jump
Three people. One bike. Nice foam pit to land in.

BMW logo trick
Great advertising or invasive subliminal nightmare? You tell us.

TT Zero 2010 review
Sun. Warm tarmac. Silent bikes. And if you enjoyed that…

TT 2010 review
… you’ll love this semi-religious tribute to last year’s blistering TT.

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Dan Aspel

By Dan Aspel