Motorcyclists half as likely to drink-drive

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Bikers are half as likely as other road users to drink-drive, according to the Motorcycle Industry Association. Figures show that only 1.4% of riders tested after an accident failed a breathalyzer, compared to 2.7% of all road user casualties.

An MCI spokesman said: “Although motorcyclists are half as likely as car drivers to take the risk of drinking and driving, the Christmas season marks the time of year when people are more likely to indulge in a couple of extra drinks. 

“Young riders in particular are most likely to drink and ride. Motorcyclists aged between 20 and 24 were most likely to fail a breath test, with 2.4 per cent of tests taken by riders in this age band positive for alcohol.

"However, this figure is still less than half that of the average for all road users between 20 and 24, of whom 5 per cent gave a breath test positive for alcohol.”

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell