Two years of happy biking

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My first CBT 2 years ago - that was an exciting day. Cold, Damp, but full of enthusiasim.

I got through it fine then 4pm came and I got my certificate and was told, "Ok mate you're on your own."

The fear that ran through my veins was like ice water. It was pitch black, I'd never ridden at night, it was -2 and to top all that I had a Chinese imported thing to ride.

Off I went as careful as I could praying that everyone decided to stay at home and not use the roads.

Two years later I'm ready for my CBT again, only after this I'm going for my 125 Test purely because I don't need a big bike and my Yamaha Majesty 125 is my trusty horse.

I don't get nervous now i just get annoyed at the lack of intelligence of other road users.

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By Shane