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Thought you might like to see my BMW K1200r. In most peoples eyes it's a bit of a "Marmite Bike", you either love it or you hate it. In my case, I absolutely love it.

I originally had a standard K1200r in silver and grey and the first thing I thought of doing once I'd bought it, was to start on the never ending trail of acessories, accessories, accessories.

I do this with every bike I have and when they're complete, I sell them and some other bugger gets the benefit of all my hard work.

In this particular case I was scouring the various K Bike forums and saw this beauty absolutely dripping in carbon and other tasteful modifications.

So I did a tot up of what it would cost me to buy the carbon and other bits and pieces and it came to close on £8000.

It was then that I made the previous owner an outrageous offer, just as he was about to sell it to a dealer. My offer stopped him in his tracks and he agreed to sell it to me.

My biggest challenge was to sell my current bike within two weeks, otherwise he'd go with the dealers offer. So it was straight on to e-bay, not MCN I'm afraid, and my first attempt was not successful.

However, following the end of the e-bay listing, I contacted the highest bidder and drove the price up to what I needed, and did the deal privately.

Then the mad dash up to Scotland from Yorkshire with a hired van, to collect this beauty, and all within two weeks.

Every panel's been changed to carbon(including bellypan), Evo twin filter kit which opens up the power to that of the K1200S, GPS adjustable torque bar(quickens steering by raising rear end), Gilles power cup rearsets, Akrapovic slip on, Wavey discs, Brembo pads, heated grips, and I can even fit a set of sports panniers if I wish.

But I'll leave those for a while until I've negotiated my way back into the marital home!

So if you look at all the new naked bikes that have been introduced lately, they are all cracking pieces of technolgy but very much the same, or similar to every other manufacturer.

With just the styling cues to differentiate between models. In the case of my K1200r, it's fast, practical, different, fuel efficient and a real head turner.

And all that for a price less than any of the new naked bikes on the market today. Hope you like it.

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Phil Yates

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By Phil Yates