Surrey most potholed county

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The most pothole-ridden county has been named as Surrey.
The region tops a league table with 1789 reported potholes since 2007, up to 1324 of which have not been repaired.

It puts the county nearly 1000 ahead of second placed Hampshire, where 821 potholes have been reported and up to 544 left unrepaired.

The table compares local authorities based on the percentage of potholes to be repaired. It shows that in Newcastle, 83 potholes were reported and 66 subsequently reported fixed, a repair rate of 84%.

Shetland has only three reported potholes but none has been reported repaired. 
A spokeswoman for, which compiled the table, said: “We’ve contacted every local authority in the UK and given them the opportunity to update the site when potholes are repaired.” 

New potholes emerge during cold snaps because water expands as it freezes, forcing apart cracks in the road and penetrating deeper into the surface.

The cost of fixing every pothole in the country following the latest cold snap would be £10billion, according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell