New Michelin City Grip scooter tyre

Published: 17 February 2010

Michelin has launched the new City Grip scooter tyre, claimed to be perfectly suited to wet roads the first tyre of it type to feature Michelin¹s latest Progressive Sipe Technology (PST) to improve safety on wet roads.  

Michelin say the design of the tyre's tread cuts through the film of water on wet roads to maintain contact with the road surface. The number of sipes (small slits in the tread blocks) increases towards the shoulder of the tyre so that more of them are in contact with the road as the bike leans in corners, increasing grip and improving safety, even when riding over white lines and manhole covers.

The tread pattern, which which gradually changes from slick in the centre of the tread to heavily grooved at the shoulders, is claimed to provide the best compromise between grip and tyre longevity.

The new City Grip is available in 25 sizes including two new dimensions:
100/80-16 50P and 120/80-16 60P.