New ZX-6R crash protection from GB Racing

Published: 17 February 2010

British-designed, British-built ­ GB Racing's crash protection can be seen on most of the BSB machines this year, as well as those of World Supersport teams like Parkalgar Honda and Provec Kawasaki. 

This ZX-6R road kit, as with all the firm¹s secondary engine covers, is designed to bolt directly over the existing casings. It¹s made on their own premises in Hertfordshire, and uses differing thickness material to allow maximum ground clearance and optimum protection where it matters. 

Prices are: £56.64 for the alternator/generator cover, £68.27 for the clutch cover, £47.31 for the pulse cover, £29.99 for a lower chain guard and £21 a set for paddock stand bobbins. You¹ll get a discount if you buy the whole kit (£211.85), or the engine kit (everything but the chain guard and bobbins) will set you back £163.60.

To see if GB Racing does a kit to fit your bike (and it's likely that they do), visit