MV boss backs higher speed limit

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MV Agusta president Claudio Castiglioni is backing a plan to raise the speed limit of Italian motorways from 130kph (81mph) to 93mph (150kph).

Some Italian autostradas are currently trialling a 93mph speed limit. However the Italian parliament is considering making this the standard limit, with the potential change coming this year.

Claudio Castiglioni told Motociclismo magazine in Italy that modern motorcycles are easily capable of travelling safely at that speed.

“A modern sports bike travelling at 130kph is a distraction; it is a speed limit which exists just to promote fines and speeding taxes. Today’s motorcycles are safe at 170, even 180kph in light traffic.

“I would personally back a campaign to raise the limit to this level, alongside keeping the existing limits in urban areas.”

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James Sharpe

By James Sharpe