Magpul Ronin: A Buell 1125R made beautiful

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If you were one of the people that bought a bargain price 1125R last year and you’re now wondering what to do with it, the menacing and futuristic Magpul Ronin should provide some inspiration.       

The Ronin’s girder front end, angular bodywork and radical radiator/headlight combination have turned geek into gorgeous. Who’d have guessed that making the cooling system even more visible than the standard 1125’s gawky side pods would be an improvement? Plus the heavyweight girder front end match beatifully with the dimensions of the stock Buell frame-rails. 

The Magpul website suggests that the Ronin could be more than a one-off show special. The site states ‘Due to the experimental nature of the project, it is not yet known if Ronin motorcycles or Magpul-designed components for the Buell 1125R will be made available for purchase. More information about Project Ronin will be released as the design progresses’.

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Peter Baker

By Peter Baker