North Wales Police top brass meeting over bikes review

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Senior North Wales Police officers plan to keep motorcyclists waiting for another three weeks before announcing whether thousands of riders will face random stops this summer.

The force has reviewed the controversial tactic, which saw 400 riders stopped every weekend last summer, but says it can’t reveal its decision until top brass have held a meeting on February 17.

New Chief Constable Mark Polin ordered the review in November after 10,000 MCN readers descended on the region in protest. He said at the time it would be completed by Christmas.  

But a police spokesman said: “The review will be finalised at a meeting of the force operations committee on February 17.” He would not say when the decision would be announced, adding: “I can’t pre-empt the outcome of that meeting.” 

Our Reclaim North Wales rally became the biggest UK biker protest in 20 years. We’ll be keeping the pressure on the force to reveal its decision before deciding whether to stage a rerun.

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Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell