The Hartside Café hosts Kawasaki test bikes on Sunday

Published: 09 July 2010

The Hartside Café in Alston, Cumbria, will host the whole Kawasaki test bike fleet this Sunday.

Throughout the day the current and potential new Kawasaki owners can have a go on the machines that interest them, assisted by the local bikesafe team. 

According to Catherine Gonzalez from Kawasaki, the tour is the THE place to get a ride on Kawasakis not normally offered as test ride bikes. “Loads of people have tried the 1400GTR and compared it to the Voyager. Even though they are both tourers, they are completely different in character and this event allows people to contrast and compare bikes from across the range. So long as riders have both parts of their licence and fulfil our loan criteria they can book and ride any bike on the day”.

The test ride tour has also generated interest from the next generation of new riders. “Bikes like the KLX125 and ER-6n appeal to a different type of person than, say, a Ninja ZX-10R. These events give us a chance to speak to people about the bikes, tell them about the motorcycle industry’s Get On campaign and explain just what’s so good about life on two wheels”, Catherine said.

The Kawasaki On The Road Tour will be at the Hartside Top Café from 9.30am on Sunday 11 July.

GPS reference Long: 2.54984°W, Lat:54.77005°N