Video: Boris threatens to axe bus lane access

London Mayor Boris Johnson threatened to axe motorcycle access to bus lanes unless a protest over new bike parking charges was halted.    

In a video shot at a protest ride over roadside motorcycle parking charges introduced by Westminster Council, Johnson rides up the camera on his bicycle and can be heard saying: “Do you want to stay in the bus lanes or not? Then stop this protest.”   

Campaigners tell Johnson “Cut the parking tax, it’s simple,” and he replies: “That’s Westminster, it’s nothing to do with us. You’re stopping traffic.”  

Johnson then rides away as one campaigner shouts: “Boris, come on!”

An 18-month trial of motorcycles in London’s red-route bus lanes is due to end next month. No decision has been announced over whether the measure will be extended or scrapped.

Steve Farrell

By Steve Farrell