New Brembo airbag jackets

Published: 03 June 2010

Brembo have this week revealed details of their 'Life Jacket' airbag jackets, designed to protect the chest, back, neck and head.

The nylon Brembo Life Jackets come in three models for men and two for women, offered in 6 colours (black, white, blue, red, silver grey and sand).

All models use claimed "ultra tough, waterproof zips, with a flatlock fastener that ensures the jacket will not burst open even under stress."

The airbags are claimed to inflate fully in 80 milliseconds, and are triggered by an inertia-reel attachment to the bike.

Making the jackets ideal for city wear, they've been designed to look inconspicuous.

They're also light ­ with the lightest jacket of the range claimed to weigh just over 1kg, and the heaviest less than 1.5kg.

The jackets will be available in Italy from late November, 2010.