Art for TT art's sake

Published: 09 June 2010

The work of Manx artists Adam Berry, Paul Parker, and Peter Hearsey, along with a range of 59 Club archive material, was showcased  in an exhibition at the Ace Café TT exhibition in the Sayle Gallery on the Villa Marina Colonnade during the TT.
Highlight of Berry¹s pop art-style work was a bold canvas study of Joey Dunlop (see image).

The 28-year old from Onchan also exhibited a range of vibrant pen-and-ink and acrylic works portraying the TT and racing in general with a Sixties/Seventies retro feel.

According to his web site (, he is; 'totally influenced by the heritage around me. The Island features in much of my work in all sorts of ways from songs and interlacing, through language, to locations and of course the TT races!' Parker¹s work in acrylics was highlighted by a beautiful image of Ron Haslam on an RS1000 at Quarterbridge while Hearsey's 'End of an Era', portraying the 1914 TT, captured the essence of early TT folklore.

The exhibition also featured copies of iconic 59 Club magazine covers and articles charting the history of the famous bike club that was started originally as a youth club at the Eton Mission, Hackney Wick, London by the Reverend William Shergold, who became known by the bikers as ŒFather Bill.