Dangerously under-powered scooters

Published: 08 March 2010

My son has started riding which for me is great news.

He has an Aprilia SR50, which is restricted to 30mph by law - all the roads in my area are 40mph limit dual carriageways which end in large multi-lane roundabouts.

To keep safe he needs to maintain top speed on approach to these roundabouts using good reading and planning - he cannot afford to back off for his own safety.

The bike is too slow moving off and cars tend to blast their horns.

I may be years out of date, but who in power can feel these restrictions are safe for young riders?!

I have used this scooter and in my humble opinion it is dangerous due to being under-powered.

I am thinking of derestricting but this breaks the law, yet all his mates have gone the derisricting route and it allows them to keep pace with the local traffic.

Anybody have views on this subject? Obviously we need to keep our young riders safe, but in my oppinion these restrictions are a danger to them.